Public Health Ministry criticised for imposing pension scheme on contracted Medical Doctors

Bibi KhatoonApril 6, 2017

Former Health Minister lambastes successors for silence on baby’s death

Bibi KhatoonApril 4, 2017

Family blames Doctors at West Demerara Regional Hospital for death of baby

Bibi KhatoonApril 4, 2017

East Bank Communities benefit from Medical Outreach

Bibi KhatoonApril 3, 2017

Autism and finding help in Guyana

Delicia BaileyApril 2, 2017

Food and Drug Department monitoring imports from Brazil amidst meat scandal

Bibi KhatoonMarch 27, 2017

Local distributor of Brunswick products applauds swift action of FDD to block bogus tuna

Stacy CarmichaelMarch 26, 2017

“Unite to End TB”- Guyana on board the ‘End TB by 2030’ campaign

Stacy CarmichaelMarch 24, 2017

China, Hong Kong, EU suspend importation of meat from Brazil

Bibi KhatoonMarch 22, 2017

Food and Drug Department refuses 2000 cartons of Tuna imported from China

Bibi KhatoonMarch 21, 2017