Reparation is also about self-repair and educating the youths

EditorAugust 2, 2016

CXC launches CAPE Green Engineering syllabus

EditorJuly 28, 2016

American Students and locals Exchange Culture

EditorJuly 27, 2016

Deputy CEO of Education Ministry urges Educators to “make learning relevant”

EditorJuly 27, 2016

Out-Of-School Children Initiative being conducted in collaboration with UNICEF

EditorJuly 27, 2016

GBTI hosts Summer Camp- focusing on literacy and craft

EditorJuly 26, 2016

CXC to launch new CAPE subject; Green Engineering

EditorJuly 21, 2016

Ministry sets maximum limit for School Registration Fees

EditorJuly 20, 2016

Findings of 2012 Census shows proportionate decline in the populations of main ethnic groups

EditorJuly 18, 2016

379 graduate from YEST programme

EditorJuly 18, 2016