Only convictions can guarantee closure – says mother of murdered political activist


CaptureOn March 10, the relatives of murdered political activist Courtney Crum Ewing will celebrate his first death anniversary. That is just over a week from today.

But according to the mother of the slain man, Donna Harcourt it is a pity that one year later the family is still seeking answers despite their own convictions of who are the person(s) responsible for her son’s death.

Speaking to this news outlet from her Regent Street clothing stall, the Vendor said she does not believe the family and Crum Ewing’s children in particular will ever get full closure in the matter.

What she said may be guaranteed is some amount of satisfaction to be reaped from convictions in the Court.

“It can’t bring him back but then it would give you a certain amount of closure. Because you’re seeing the same people all the time, you see like their life is going on normal… so it keep bothering me but if justice is served it wouldn’t bring back my son but I will get a little closure,” she said.

Almost moved to tears, Harcourt said she now waits with bated breath to hear from police investigators on the progress being made in the case.

Last week, CID ranks arrested three men who are all closely associated with the opposition People’s Progressive Party.

But although family members anticipated a breakthrough the police were forced to release the men while they continue their investigations.

The grieving mother said she is not forced to rely on the daily newspapers to be updated on the case.

She claimed that she wasn’t contacted recently by the police contrary to the regular updates she received in the past.

One man, Regan Rodrigues, known as “Grey Boy” was already charged with the murder. However, family members and police believe more persons may be involved.

“When they held Rodrigues I said it was the beginning but I knew it wasn’t him alone. So I’m praying for them to be able to get other people involved,” she said.

As for Crum Ewing’s children, they are forced to grow up without a father but are coping with the unfortunate reality.

Crum Ewing’s bullet riddled body was found on the roadway at Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on March 10, 2015.

The ex-Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer, known for his one-man protests, was shot dead while urging residents to vote against the then ruling party at the May 2015 general elections.

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