PPP offered no evidence to support allegation of corruption – Police


Capture Freedom HouseThe People’s Progressive Party’s Headquarters in Georgetown was visited by police investigators on Monday as the Guyana Police Force attempted to mount an investigation against one of its senior ranks.

The PPP in a recent statement claimed that it was aware of audio and video recordings implicating the rank in corrupt practices.

The Party called on the force to immediately investigate the rank.

“Cognizant of a press statement issued by the People’s Progressive Party that was publicized in the media and in which the Party called for investigations into a matter of alleged corruption and criminal ties by a police officer, ranks of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility visited Freedom House today with a view to interview officials,” the police statement said.

Both the Party’s Executive Secretary Zulfikar Mustapha, who was met personally, and General Secretary Clement Rohee, who informed the police ranks through his Secretary, indicated that they had nothing of evidential value to offer.

The police also pointed out that when the issue first arose through a broadcast on Television, the News Reporter had also stated that he had nothing of evidential value to offer when approached by the police.

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