Rohee accuses President Granger of being untruthful


General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee is accusing President David Granger of being untruthful regarding his recent comments in the media, which implies that Rohee was not honest about his recent disclosures about reforms in the Prison Service under his tenure.

Rohee, yesterday (March 10) at a press conference held at Freedom House, said “I’m saying what he’s saying is not true.”

The PPP General Secretary presented a document, purportedly the Strategic Plan for the Prison Service, which was created during his tenure as Home Affairs Minister, under the PPP/C administration. He referred to the document as the “blue print” for reforms in the Prison Service.

At a press conference held earlier this week, Rohee told media operatives that a number of recommendations for the enhancement of the Prison System were included in the document.

He said Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan and President Granger should accept the blame for the recent Camp Street Prison Riot, which left 17 Prisoners dead and others injured.

However, the President dismissed Rohee’s assertions, pointing out that the General Secretary, while he was at the helm of the Home Affairs Ministry, did nothing to reform the penal system, noting that the present government is now trying to clean up the mess.














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