Second inmate testifies at Prison Inquiry of wrongful incarceration


The second inmate to appear before the Camp Street Prison Commission of Inquiry (COI) told the Commissioners that  ” I think the devil was busy that day” when 17 inmates lost their lives during a fire at the Prison.

Thirty-two year-old Errol Kesney is being accused of committing a murder, which reportedly  occurred back in 2009 on the East Bank of Demerara. Kesney said he was initially picked up for marijuana possession in May last year.

According to him he was arrested and charged under the name of Errol Williams even though he told the officers that Errol Kesney was his original name.

“No one ever know me as that name…in court I dont answer to that name and when they call me duh I don’t answer…the Magistrate does ask what is my name…I deh in jail for another man” he said.


The alleged murder accused says the name mix up maybe the reason for his family finding it hard to visit him at lot 12 Camp Street. This is the first time he was arrested and sent to prison the man told the three-man Commission.

The concerns were similar to that of Dwayne Lewis who testified before the Commission during today’s (Thursday) first public hearing of the COI.

“It pack right now…it get people sleeping pun the ground…when people use the toilet yah does get smell coming back.” Kesney recounted.

He told the Commissioners that only an hour in the prison yard inmates are entitled “Mondays alone…lock down for the rest of the days unless yah going to court until is the next Monday.”










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