Countdown to E-Networks Fitness Challenge


In two days, fitness enthusiasts and teams, excited by the idea of endurance tests, will line up at the National Park for the second installment of the E-Networks Fitness Challenge.


11043181_810451879034661_326704281327359656_oPresented by Guyana Fitness games in collaboration with Guyana’s leading cable company, the event will be held on March 13 from 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs in the National Park.


Last time around, it was Team USA who picked up the group category title, Alisha Fortune the female division and Joe Rivera (of the winning team) the male champion.

FLASH BACK! A competitor last year cooling down after a grueling challenge

According to the organisers, the 2016 games are expected to feature even more competition as compared to the inaugural event.
Team USA amassed 1 376 points for the win, leaving GDF second with 1 181 and Elite Systems from Berbice a further 20 points behind the Army (1 161).



For Time
75 snatches (75lbs/45lb)
For Time:
400m run
15 Deadlifts (255lbs/ 155lbs
15 toes to bar/ 5 toes to bars
 For Time:
50 box jumps (24inch/ 20 inches)
40 kettle bell swings (55lbs/ 35lbs)
30 pull ups / Jumping Chest to bar pull ups
20 cleans (135lbs/ 85lbs)
10 front squats (135lbs/ 85lbs)
5 push press (135lbs/85lb)
Final Event
3 rounds For Time
10 wall over burpees
1 sled push
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