Guyanese going to LGE polls to cast “punishment vote” against APNU+AFC- Rohee


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is confident that its supporters will turn out in their numbers to vote at the March 18, Local Government Elections (LGE).

This was related today by General Secretary, Clement Rohee at the party’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown.

Rohee told media operatives that the electorate will use these elections to demonstrate its frustration and displeasure with the way the current administration is managing the country’s affairs.

“Following the electoral fraud perpetrated on the May 11, 2015 regional and general elections; the supporters of the PPP/C have openly expressed the demand that they want their country back with the PPP/C in office.

People see their participation in the local government elections as a harbinger for the next general and regional elections they have made it clear that they will utilize the local government elections to demonstrate and express their displeasure and disgust with the maladministration and anti-working people policies and measures adopted and initiated by the Granger coalition administration.”

The PPP General secretary said that from all indications, Guyanese are anxiously looking forward to fresh general and regional elections “reverse the results of the electoral fraud that deprived them of badly needed social and economic benefits.

In this respect, the electorate is pinning their hopes on the outcome of the Elections Petition filed by the PPP/C to hasten the change that will see the PPP/C back in government once again.”

The opposition party believes that many of the voters will be going to the polls come this Friday angry at what they described as “the constant lies and half-truths peddled by government ministers, the politics of deception practiced by the Granger administration but more specifically, they are angry over the large salary increases granted to Ministers after a mere two months in office, the removal of cash grants and other social benefits granted by the PPP/C administration to school children, pensioners and single parents and parents in general.”

The Ministry of Social Cohesion is also being accused of peddling racially divisive programs and policies.


The operations of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) were deemed as “piss poor” by Rohee, who claimed that the electoral body’s Public Relations Department is not doing enough with regard to Voter Education.

He said his party has been and will continue to do its bid in this regard, while calling on the local media to do more by allotting, primarily the PPP free time to raise awareness on the LGE.

Rohee also took a jab at President David Granger, who he said has been “begging for votes” noting that he seems to fear something, accusing the government of not doing anything for Guyanese.








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