Prison COI: Prison Fire started to attract media attention- third inmate takes stand


Alleged murder accused 37 year old, Basil Morgan is the latest witness to testify before the Commission of Inquiry into the Camp Street prison riot, which began last week.

He told the Commissioners that the fire was started to gain the attention of the local media so that their issues could be heard “Persons frustration grew and we tried to get the attention of the media” Morgan told the Commission. He noted further that “we have no problem with the police, we have no problem with the wardens…we just want the media to come in…”

On March 4, Morgan was in the Prison yard being searched when the fire started. “Thank God I didn’t get to go back…cause I would have been dead right now” said Morgan.

The inmate recounted that “while I was being searched the order was shouted out” to close the door at Capital “A” which houses prisoners on remanded for high profile crimes.

He confirmed that the fire was restarted, after being outed by the Guyana Fire Service.

Morgan highlighted similar concerns to those raised by the two previous prisoners who testified last week, before the hearings came to halt to facilitate the input of the Guyana Bar Association. Some of these concerns include, poor living conditions, lack of recreation, delayed trials, little visitation, among others.

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