PPP accuses “Vote Like a Boss” organizers of pushing anti-PPP, pro-APNU+AFC agenda


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has raised concerns about the reappearance of “Vote Like a Boss (VLAB)” on the electoral scene.

It noted in a media release today that “this political non-entity which comes to life only at elections time, first sprung up on the eve of the May 2015 Regional and General Elections. On this occasion, it has re-emerged from the woodwork on the eve of the Local Government election.”

The Opposition party believes that “VLAB” is a foreign-funded front organization representing foreign interests, that has an anti-PPP agenda for ideological and political reasons.

PPP said “VLAB” “would find it difficult to exist and to have a public presence without sponsorship from its external financiers who pour millions into its coffers to keep it going.

“VLAB” is so well endowed with funds that it can afford to post more than a dozen advertisements costing millions in the Guyana Chronicle, the Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and the Guyana Times.”

The party remains steadfast that “Vote Like a Boss” exists for no other but “electoral purposes and its main mission, notwithstanding its efforts to appear non-political publically neutral and educational, nevertheless its principal aim is to influence politically the youth voter in a particular political direction and to sway young voters away from the PPP/C into the camps of the APNU+AFC.”

In this connection, the aggressive use of social media by the behind the scenes VLAB operatives appear to be the preferred tool used to influence young voters.

The PPP is therefore questioning, “since VLAB does not contest elections, the question is, what is the purpose of its existence and whose political and ideological interests does it serve?”

It was further stated that  “while VLAB would attempt to disabuse the minds of Guyanese about its non-political, not ideological and on non-racial orientation and at the same time seek to convince the Guyanese public about its political neutrality and unbiased ideological and non-racial orientation, it is abundantly clear that the VLAB by the nature its social media content and its Facebook page, it is clearly hostile to the PPP and pro-APNU+AFC.”

The Party said it will continue to work among and with the youth voters in Guyana to influence and orient them to contribute positively towards the socio-political and economic development of the country.

Another “Vote Like a Boss” campaign was recently launched and according to organizers, it aims to sensitize not just youths but the country as a whole about their roles at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) and making them aware of what the process entails.

LGE for the rest of the population and members of the Guyana Fire Service will be held this Friday (March 18).

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