Murdered Soesdyke Agriculturalist shared “special relationship” with suspect


A man who was recently released from prison was yesterday picked up by the police in connection with the murder of 60 year Anthony Breedy, the Agriculturalist who was found murdered in his Hill Foot, Soesdyke home on Monday.

News Room was informed that the suspect told investigators that he and the deceased were friends and shared a “special relationship”. He told police that the man had invited him over to his home for them to spend some time, earlier this week.

Breedy's SUV
Breedy’s SUV

According to information which the police received from the suspect, the Agriculturalist left the door of his home unlocked for the suspect to gain access. He was expected to secure the door upon entry.

However, that did not happen, instead the suspect left the door opened for some other friends to gain access, since he had earlier informed them of his intention with Breedy.

While the suspect and Breedy were in the house, the other friends sneaked into the house and they tied up the man, demanded cash and other valuables and then murdered him.

They then took away several items from the home using the man’s Suzuki Escudo. The vehicle was found yesterday in the suspect’s possession.

According to reports the suspect’s girlfriend was also found in possession of some of the man’s belongings at her East Coast Demerara home.  The vehicle is presently in the custody of the police and  News Room was informed that the suspect was getting ready to have it sold in Berbice.

Police sources confirmed to News Room that the suspect was recently released from prison, where he served time for break and enter. That offence is considered as one of the serious crimes on the police’s list, as in many cases persons who break and enter properties tend to harm occupants, once they are confronted.




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