Suspect drank Guinness before bludgeoning Agriculturalist to death


The 28 year old suspect, who is in police custody for the murder of 60 year old Anthony Breedy told investigators today that before killing his victim, with the aid of two other persons, he drank three bottles of Guinness, which the now dead man purchased for him.

News Room was this afternoon informed that the prime suspect is now cooperating with the police and is detailing the steps of his crime.

Also in custody for questioning is the suspect’s 32 year old girlfriend from the West Bank Demerara community of Bagotville.

Senior police sources confirmed that the dead man’s phone and several of his electrical items were found at the woman’s home.

She reportedly told investigators that she knew nothing of the crime and that her boyfriend, who also resides in the same community as the victim had committed.

The woman neither her boyfriend are employed. The police are also looking for two other suspects that the prime suspect implicated in the murder.

Yesterday the police found the dead man’s vehicle abandoned at a street in Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara with a fake number plate. They subsequently received information on who took the vehicle there and the probe began and is set to widen.

Breedy's SUV
Breedy’s SUV

On Monday the body of the man was found lying in the lower flat of his home with severe marks of violence, with his hands bound to his feet.

There were several pieces of broken blocks and  a piece of wood which the police found at the scene that they suspect may have been used to bludgeon the man.

The prime suspect after he was picked up, indicated to investigators that he shared a “special relationship” with the deceased.​


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