Attorney Dexter Todd to represent interests of two clients at Prison COI



Local Attorney Dexter Todd’s application to the Camp Street Prison Commission of Inquiry (COI) was accepted this morning (Wednesday March 16, 2016) by Chairman, Justice (ret) James Patterson.

Todd will be providing legal guidance and representation to the relatives of dead inmate, Delroy Williams and seriously injured inmate Marcellus Verbeke.

According to Todd he would also be seeking full participation during the public hearing of the Commission. He hopes to have access to lead evidence and the opportunity to cross exam persons who would be brought before the commission.

Chairman Justice Patterson responded by saying “you have that opportunity as of right now, so exercise it…” along with indicating to Todd that he can have access to any prisoner who may be appearing before the Commission.

The Attorney is contending that those who died were not convicted prisoners and were entitled to rights even though they were remanded inmates at the Camp Street Prison.

“While some of the fundamental rights are suspended… all those rights are not suspended and where we find that there is inhumane treatment…that is not suspended…if one is sent to prison or is remanded” Todd added.

The Attorney said he has four other clients who were being housed in the Capital ‘A’ division of the Prison but he was not approached by their relatives to represent their interests during the ongoing Commission.




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