Attorney Pieters dismisses inmate’s testimony


After cross examining today’s witness Desmond James, the Police and Prison Services Attorney Selwyn Pieters believes James might not be telling the truth before the Commission.

“That inmate’s evidence…none of it is worthy of belief” Pieters said.

The Attorney is holding out that some of the inmates were refusing to leave the Prison cell and he is in possession of evidence to support such claims.

“The evidence is they refuse to come out…barricaded that door with a cork (Soda bottle cap) and forced the Prison Officers to have to go through a life and death situation to free them” added Pieters.

News Room questioned Pieters to confirm if the Prisoners were being “beaten” on Thursday March 3 before the riot and fire escalated at the Camp Street Prison, but was only told “no.”

The Attorney, however attempted to justify his response by saying his “submission is going to be that the Prison Authorities did everything within the standard of “Care and due diligence” that they need to exercise as prudent professionals.”

Pieters confirmed that the Prison Service has already handed over surveillance footage and an Officer’s video recordings of most of what happened during the chaos for the Commissioners to examine before sharing it in the public inquiry.

“Those videos were downloaded and provided to the Commission” Pieters said.

The Civil and Human Rights Lawyer Attorney was retained by Government to represent officers of the Guyana Police Force and Prison Services during the Prison Commission of Inquiry into the unrest which left seventeen inmates dead and others injured.


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