Prisoner denies there was a plot to burn down Prison


At his second appearance today (March 16) inmate Michael Lewis told the Camp Street Prison Commission of Inquiry (COI) that there was no plot to burn down the Prison.

Lewis was at the time being cross examined by the Commission’s Counsel.

Attorney, Dexter Todd also questioned Lewis if he was aware of any plot to start a fire and with a calm and soft tone, Lewis said “no sir.”

The Police and Prison Services Attorney, Selwyn Pieters also probed Lewis to find out if he had knowledge, during his two years at the Prison of any marijuana, mobile phones, cigarette lighters or weapons made by prisoners in Capital ‘A’ division, to which he denied.

According to the 39-year-old inmate, the prison officers were aware that a hole was in the wall which separated Capital ‘A’ and ‘B’ divisions.

Lewis is one of the inmates who survived the ordeal at the Camp Street Prison and was being held in the section where 17 other inmates died.



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