Public needs in sync with police Training


Training for the Guyana Police Force is being conducted in accordance with the needs of the society and is also geared at developing the interpersonal skills of every member from the rank of constable right up.

This is according to Force Training Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paul Williams who spoke to News Room today (March 17) at his Camp Street office.

Williams said that after initial training for ranks enlisted with the Police Force, they are often returned to the classrooms for additional training in various areas such as traffic, crime scene management and other areas.

It was also during the interview that the senior Police Officer explained that at the moment the Force is able to put out at least 345 new recruits at each graduation representing the three police colleges at Berbice, Essequibo and Georgetown.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Williams also stressed that in addition to the resources which the GPF is putting into its own training, coupled with the assistance from the ABC Countries and France, the Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud also has a focus when it comes to training within the organization.

New Room was told too that the high point for training within the Guyana Police Force is targeting domestic violence, child abuse, Gender Based Violence and other social ills within the society.

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