Cop arrested in apparent driver switch, following accident


A father of two is presently hospitalized at a city hospital, while a police constable from ‘A’ Division is under close arrest following a later afternoon accident on the East Bank Demerara.

Hospitalized is Vivian Paul of 74 Herstelling Public Road East Bank Demerara. According to information reaching News Room the man had just arrived home with his sons after picking them up from school.

As the children were walking into the yard, the man began throwing water into his car’s PKK 1679, radiator when a speeding  car, PTT 4587 traveling north along the western carriage way of the East Bank Public Road at Herstelling lost control and slammed into him and his vehicle.

The father of two was pitched several feet away from his vehicle, which was badly damaged as a result of the impact. The occupants of the other car were identified a police constable attached to the Brickdam Police Station and another man, both of whom were under the influence of alcohol.

Vivian Paul- Accident Victim
Vivian Paul- Accident Victim

The police constable who was fully decked in his uniform was captured on video ordering the driver of the car, which he was in to leave the scene as the policeman reportedly took control of the vehicle and attempted to give the impression that he was the driver.

At the Providence Police Station, the police constable vomited on himself and was visibly intoxicated,  as his colleagues carried out a breathalyzer test on him.

Contacted this evening Assistant Commissioner of Police and ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken confirmed that there was an accident and that a police was assisting with the investigation. He also confirmed that one man was injured as a result of the crash.

Both vehicles were damaged as a result of the impact and are presently lodged at the Providence Police Station.

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