President and First Lady first in line to cast LGE ballot


President David Granger and his wife and First Lady Sandra Granger were the first to cast their ballots for Local Government Elections at the Enterprise Primary School, Durban Backlands.

The Head of State after voting told the local Press he is pleased that his administration was able to once again deliver local democracy to citizens.

“It’s a feeling of great of satisfaction that our coalition (APNU-AFC) within the first year in office has been able to deliver to the Guyanese people something that they crave for the last 19 years…” he said.

President Granger is of the view that Local Government Elections “completes the circle of democratic governance in Guyana for the time being.”

First Lady, Sandra Granger said today’s elections gives a chance for women to decide who is going to represent them at the community level. “I think women are smart enough to know that when they cast their ballot that their going to have a say in their own local communities because they can speak directly to their representatives” she added.

The President remains optimistic that citizens would exercise their democratic right today and cast their ballots before polls close at 18:00hrs (6pm) around the country. He expects that there will be a build up of voters during the day.

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