Opposition Leader votes; expresses some E-Day concerns



By Leroy Smith

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo today casted his Local Government vote in the city under the watchful eyes of several cameras from the media.

Before entering his polling station, the leader of the Parliamentary Opposition commented that he did have some concerns with respect to information his party, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was receiving.

According to Jagdeo they were told that there seems to be a problem with sugar workers being able to vote and it was his hope that the decision was not an institutional one.

He did admit that the turnout to the polls was very low during the first part of the day but he remains hopeful that the things would pick up and that his party would receive overwhelming support at these historic Local Government Elections.

Asked how he feels voting in a Local Government Election, which he while as president never called and later on his predecessor failed to call also, Jagdeo said that there was an explanation for that.

He reminded that he has gone on the records on several occasion defending the reason the Local government Elections were never called since 1994.

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