Prime Minister urges employers to allow workers to vote at LGE


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is urging employers to allow their staff to exercise their democratic right in order to vote in this year’s long overdue Local Government Elections.

“I believe that all employers allow their staff to come out and cast their ballots” he said.

The Prime Minister and his wife, Sita Nagamootoo cast their ballots on Friday morning at the Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

The Prime Minister said most employers do not have “the legal right or other to restrain persons qualified to vote today whose name is on the voters list from casting their ballots.”

Nagamootoo is also concerned about the possible low voter turnout which is anticipated today (March 18) since it is not a public holiday.

He also feels that “polling officials… who have to do duties today, should be allowed to take the day off because they are working…and should have a special day off with pay” once they are employed either in the Private or Public sectors.

Local Government Elections were last held in 1994, even though the constitution clearly outlines that they should be held every three years.

It was only last year that the necessary legislation were updated and passed in the National Assembly making way for the Guyana Elections Commission to carry out such elections.

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