Teenager tells of torturing Agriculturalist for ATM Card pin


By Leroy Smith


A teenager from Timehri East Bank Demerara , who is among  three others  arrested on Thursday for the murder of Agriculturalist Anthony Breedy, told police investigators that he and his other friends tortured the 60-year-old man continually for him to reveal the pin number for his ATM Card so that they can access the funds on his bank account.


This is the new information reaching News Room as the police now have in their custody, the prime suspect, his girlfriend and three other persons who were picked up in Berbice early on Thursday.


As the facts are told, the man reportedly died without revealing the password for his ATM Card. The story however got even more interesting as the number one suspect double crossed the other persons who he invited to assist him with the crime.


He, according to reports, managed to secure money from the man during the ransacking of the man’s home but did not tell any of his other accomplices. While he secretly held on the cash he found inside the home, he oversaw the equal distribution of house hold appliances to the other accomplices and himself.


Among those in custody now are 28-year-old Paul Gorriah who is the mastermind of the crime, his 32-year-old girlfriend, Keron Timothy Corbin called “Trini” (18) of Timehri, Donnel Trapp, 21, of Timehri and Jamal Hinds, 23, Ithaca.


Hinds was found in possession of a hand gun on Thursday morning when the police swooped down on his home at West Bank Berbice.


Investigators from the Major Crime Investigation Unit have since secured an extension from the High Court to continue holding 28-year-old Paul Gorriah in custody as the investigations continue.


Anthony Breedy was found tied up and murdered in his Soesdyke home on Monday by a friend who showed up there to visit him. His vehicle was missing but the police managed to recover that on Tuesday and Gorriah was arrested.


He admitted that he drank three Guinness before murdering the career agriculturalists

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