Agriculture Ministry urges all to conserve water- World Water Day Message


The Ministry of Agriculture is urging all, as World Water Day is being celebrated, to take time out to come together and acknowledge the importance of water.

“Water is, next to oxygen, the most important source of life to all beings. There is and can be no life without water. Guyana is currently experiencing El Nino which makes it even more important to conserve on our water usage,” it reminded.

The Ministry cited the fact that the nation’s water supply is low and has taken a toll on many farmers and households, affecting the cultivation of crops, livestock and household activities on the coast and interior regions.

“Even as the Ministry of Agriculture continues to work vigorously to maintain the supply of fresh water we must take this time to encourage you to do your part by employing safe and conservative practices in your daily activities.”

Monitoring water tanks to avoid run overs, turning off taps when brushing teeth and using a bucket instead of a hose to water plants, are simple steps recommended by the Ministry to help conserve water.

The contribution of water to a green economy, economic development, the livelihood of workers like fishermen and farmers was also emphasized.

“Guyana is known as ‘The Land of many Waters’ and we must ensure the water we rely on is safe. Happy World Water Day. Save Water, Save the World.”

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