BREAKING NEWS: Former Sheriff Street Nightclub goes up in flames



By Leroy Smith



After being a household name for decades, the Sheriff Street Nightclub at Lot 10 Sheriff Street, Campbellville went up in flames this afternoon (March 23).

The Guyana Fire Service was called to the location to bring the fire under control and save nearby buildings, while the police were out in their numbers to ensure law and order.

Speaking with the media at the location this afternoon was former heir to the Sheriff Nightclub, David Bacchus.

He said  he is now 34 years old and that for most of his life he knew the Sheriff Nightclub as his parents’ and that he, like his other siblings is hurt to see the building which holds so many sentimental values go up in flames.

Asked about the loss to the family, he said that the building was sold a few years ago to  a city businessman and that up to the time the Fire Service was trying to put out the blaze he was not sure that the new owner of the premises was aware of the fire or if he is in the country.

Bacchus added also, that they are not sure if the fire was deliberately set, although he admitted that the building has been unoccupied for some time now.

He stressed that they will now be forced to review the camera that monitors the building from a remote location, just next door. Bacchus however stressed that he was not sure if that will be entirely possible since the other building was also threatened.

The Fire Service was forced to take water from the nearby trenches and also attempted to secure water from nearby fire hydrants.


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