Building commissioned for new West Dem TB Chest clinic


The Ministry of Public Health under the National Tuberculosis Programme this morning ( March 24), in observance of World Tuberculosis Day, commissioned a new building for the West Demerara TB Chest Clinic and a Refurbished TB Step-Down Care Facility.

With the commissioning of the new building, the Public Health Ministry says clinics will now be held from Monday-Friday, as opposed to twice per month.

The refurbished Step-down care facility will allow for better in-patient management, mainly for TB patients who are infectious, homeless or have other complications it noted.

Subject Minister, Dr. George Norton in his remarks said While TB is on the decline in Guyana, there is no room for complacency. He implored that all Guyanese support the efforts of the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP),since education is a strategic measure for combating the disease.

” Integration of TB prevention, treatment and care practices into the general health care services is critical to bring services closer to the population.  In order to enhance the decentralization and integration of TB services into the primary health care system, the ministry must play a stewardship role, setting standards and establishing guidelines and monitoring their implementation,” he posited.

Dr. Norton said Guyana is raging a strong battle against the public health threat, however he noted that this can only be successful with the involvement of all health care providers and the public at large. “Taking cognizance of this, the Ministry of Public Health, Guyana joins the global community in the fight against Tuberculosis and we will be able to accomplish this year’s World TB Day Theme of UNITE TO END TB, Together we will make it happen,” the Minister encouraged.







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