Inmate confirms ownership of active Facebook profile content


It was under cross examination that Camp Street Prison inmate Collis Collison revealed that he indeed has an active Facebook account.

The inmate’s account and its content were being used by Attorney Selwyn Pieters during his questioning of the 27-year-old man, who was testifying before the Public hearing of the Camp Street Prison Commission of Inquiry.

Pieters questioned Collison if he “from time to time uploaded photographs” to his Facebook page, “yes sir” replied Collison to the Attorney’s question.

The inmate did not shy away from the fact that he posted photographs from his holding area in Capital ‘A’ division of the Camp Street Prison. Several photographs could be seen with Collison positing on a bed with small packets of marijuana and fellow inmates in their holding cell.

Inmate Collis Collison Facebook photo
Inmate Collis Collison Facebook photo

Guyana Bar Association, Attorney Mr. Glenn Hanoman objected to the questioning used by Pieters noting that witnesses are under no obligation when being questioned to incriminate themselves.

“I am a bit concerned about the line of questions and whether my friend is trying to establish that this inmate may have committed some sort of offense against the Prison’s regulations…if that is the case I am not sure what is the relevance to this inquiry” Hanoman added.

Pieters maintained that the questions were relevant to the Commission if the body is to really get to the bottom of what really went wrong when 17 inmates died in a fire at Capital ‘A’ on March 3.

Collison also recounted to the Commission about being assaulted and dragged by the Joint Services on the morning of March 4. He was being led by the Commission Counsel Excellence Dazzle.

“Set of officer come running to me with shield and battle, when I look dem brace me…close around me…so I say wah I do, and they start and da lift me up, lash me down pun de ground, one of them put he knee to me chest…a officer cuff me in me face” recounted Collison.

Collison’s testimony also mirrored that of other inmates about not being given any breakfast on the day in question before the second search in the division and the deadly fire.

“Sir the officer’s words to me earlier on was nothing ain’t concerning me” Collison said when he was asked what he remembered the Wednesday night when a minor fire was lit in Capitol ‘A’.

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