Envoys to UK & Canada meet with Head of State


President David Granger, today (March 29) met with Mr. Hamley Case and Ms. Clarissa Riehl who have been appointed to head Guyana’s diplomatic missions in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Canada respectively.

Ms. Riehl departs Guyana for Canada on Friday, April 1, and noted that the President has given clear guidelines of what is expected from the new cadre of diplomats, which is to advance the country’s economic interests internationally.


She is quoted by the Ministry of the Presidency as saying “this is my first time as a diplomat, but I intend to give this position my best shot and use my office to help push Guyana in very sense.”

Meantime, Mr. Case, who is scheduled to arrive in the UK in two weeks, said that the concept of economic diplomacy, is not new to him, since as a member of the private sector he has always worked to attract foreign direct investments to Guyana.

 He said “I plan to extend on my efforts in terms of contacting and befriending potential investors, trying to increase Guyana’s potential as a good host for investment. This is what I have been doing for myself and to be doing it for the nation is much more fulfilling and gratifying than just doing it for oneself as a businessman.”

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