Social Cohesion Ministry engages Christian Community

The ministry of Social Cohesion will on May 11 be hosting a Day of Prayer. This event will coincide with what the Minister, Amna Ally has dubbed Social Cohesion Day.
This was revealed today at a special engagement with leaders of the Christian community held at the National Centre for Education Resource and Development (NCERD) auditorium. In February a similar engagement was held with leaders of the Islamic community.
One Pastor representing the Georgetown Ministers Fellowship, Reverend Raphael Massiah, in his presentation introduced the concept of the “Shalom Community” which he explains involves all the tenets needed for a socially cohesive society including harmony, wholeness and wellbeing.
The Shalom Community he says is powerful because it captures the wellbeing of an entire society, however; he says this can only be achieved through systemic change in all aspects of society, not just the religious.
Meanwhile, Minister Ally who spoke briefly said the engagements with various groups in society are aimed at building partnerships in an atmosphere of trust.
She stressed that today’s discourse would not be the only chance for the leaders to share their ideas as her ministry would seek to engage them further and gather feedback.
The Ministry of Social Cohesion will in the next few weeks be reaching out to the Hindu Community for its input on the administration’s quest for social cohesion.
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