Businessman, employee shot in Regent Street robbery


By Leroy Smith


Two men were this afternoon (March 31) shot in a daring Regent Street Robbery which took place between Albert and Light Street. The men have been hospitalized at two separate city hospitals.

According to information reaching News Room and based on interviews which this news site secured, a businessman and his staff from the West Coast Demerara were uplifting several pieces of appliances from the Household Plus Store.

According to worker, Fazal Allie, while they were loading the items into the truck, a car pulled up and two men emerged and began opening fire on them.

Allie said that he and others ran for cover, but the men managed to injure the businessman, Shazam Alli of Tuschen and the other worker Annand (Narine) Samadeen, who were in the process of running for cover.

News Room was told it is unclear if the businessman was robbed of a bag which he had in his possession at the time of the robbery. The police investigations are ongoing in the matter.


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