Granger wants Police to pay more attention to cybercrime; believes appeal to racism is backward


by Mark Murray


In response to recent social media (Facebook) death threats expressed by some persons on the popular site, President David Granger says the “Police have to pay more attention to what takes place in cyberspace.”

He said “I do believe that it is a Police matter, it is nothing that should be ignored.”

Over the weekend a woman responded to her Facebook friend’s status saying she is “out of a job now because of them (APNU-AFC)” and within minutes further posted “Granger want a bullet in head.”

The woman was supported by other online users who also posted threatening language against the present administration beginning with the Head of State.

“This is very novel in Guyana to actually threaten a Head of State” the President said. He feels “this is not Guyanese style of politics.”

“I am astonished that Guyanese, if the person is Guyanese could resort to that level of communication on social media and I personally treat it as a security matter and ask the Police to find the person and deal with that person in accordance to the law.” Granger added.

President Granger believes in today’s society persons may not know him or may not know a Head of State and such remarks could influence “hostile propaganda based on false information and they could be induced to do harmful things to other citizens.”

Granger is convinced that such actions would be very bad “not only me and my head, but will be very bad for the country, you know that people feel the way to settle Political differences is by violence.”

The Head of State said “I have never advocated violence and I don’t support the use of violence to deal with any political controversy or conflicts.”

On the note of racism, the President expressed deep concern about the level at which racism still exists in Guyana’s society and he will continue to work on National Unity, “I think this is what most people want in Guyana.”

“This is not a question of race any more, I think the appeals to racism or appeal to race are backward and harmful to Guyana…we all have differences, but people should not be judged based on race,” the President posited.

Granger even joked around saying once the woman is caught and “unarmed” he doesn’t mind meeting her but if she has “a gun in her hand I would be a little more cautious” he said.


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