New Mayor & Deputy commit to serving the people


by Stacy Carmichael-James



Newly elected Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green is imploring citizens to do their part in keeping the environment clean.

She highlighted simple things like cleaning the yard, keeping the immediate surroundings clean and ensuring there are garbage bins as some steps that can be taken in an effort to maintain a healthy environment.

Mayor Chase-Green reminded that all citizens have obligations to the Public Health laws and the city bi-laws and “ought not to be lawless,” urging them to be responsible.

She has assured full cooperation by the Council. The new Mayor expressed optimism that everyone will work collectively to fulfill their mandate to the people they serve.

Meantime, newly elected Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan, in his remarks following his swearing in said “it cannot be business as usual,” since persons voted for a “change not exchange.”

He too promised to work assiduously with the other councillors to ensure that every community within the Capital City is adequately catered to.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor, along with 28 councillors were sworn in today (April 1) at City Hall before Town Clerk, Royston King.

Several persons also turned up to lend their support to the newly elected Mayor and Councillors.


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