By Leroy Smith

Gladston Taylor called “Tuffy” of Sussex Street, Charlestown Georgetown was this evening (April 1) gunned down by men while he was sitting at a regular liming spot in his community at approximately 21:30hrs.

The police reportedly responded to reports of gunshots in the area. This is according to Divisional Commander Clifton Hicken, who was at the scene shortly after the incident.

He said police are working diligently to bring the players behind the killing to justice.

According to information reaching News Room, the man and friends were liming at the location when men on two CG motorcycles drove by and opened fire which was directed to him.

The man who sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body was left lying on the ground as his friends scrambled for cover. As the gunshots subsided they returned to find Taylor’s lifeless body lying on the parapet.

One family member who spoke with this News Site at the Georgetown Public Hospital indicated that the family has some suspicion as to who may have been behind the man’s killing.

They are pointing fingers at a relative of a man who was recently gunned down, just a few blocks from tonight’s shooting incident. That man is presently in the custody of the police.

It was earlier reported in sections of the media that the man who is presently in custody may have been the intended target of an execution style shooting earlier this week, but gunmen apparently mistook his smaller brother for him, a GDF Coast Guard rank, who was fatally shot and killed in front of his home.

The recent shootings in the area are being regarded as retaliation style killing and from all indications, it all started with the death of Oriley Small, who was gunned down in his backyard two weeks ago after returning from a liming spot.

At the Georgetown Public Hospital this evening, family members were inconsolable as they awaited definite word on the condition of the man and if indeed doctors have pronounced him dead on arrival.

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