Body of man found on road shoulder identified by daughter

By Leroy Smith
The man whose body was found wrapped in construction plastic and dumped on the road shoulder along the Coldingen Railway Embankment on Sunday (April 3) has been identified as 64 year old, Roger Manikam.

Shortly after the body was discovered, the man’s 18 year old daughter who he lives with showed up at the Vigilance Police Station and filed a missing person report for her father. She was asked by the police to accompany them to identify a man, whose body was found just moments before her arrival at the station.
Speaking with News Room from her Lot 237 Section ‘B’ Non Pariel home last evening which she and her 12 year old sister shared with their father, 18 year old Nalani Manikam said that they last saw their father on Saturday evening, but were not too sure on what time he left the house, since he does not really inform them of where he goes.

The woman said  her father owned several fishing boats but retired from the fishing business and began building the home that they are now living in. They suspect his 20 year old girlfriend, since there are only three persons that he would normally go out with, those include her and two other close friends from the community.

The 20 year old girlfriend who works at a bar on the East Coast of Demerara reportedly telephoned the man shortly before he left his home on Saturday night, but when the police made contact with her on Sunday, she told them that she was in an interior location and has been there since six days ago. The daughter of the now dead man is refuting that, as she indicated that the 20 year old was at their house only Thursday last.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter even as the body of the man would have a Post Mortem performed this morning.
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