Coldingen Roadside murder: sisters planned father’s death one night before



By Leroy Smith


The 12 year old adopted daughter of Roger Manikam, his 18 year old daughter Nalanie Manikam;who sought to pin the murder of her father on his 20 year old girlfriend, the boyfriend of the 18 year old and his friend from the West coast of Demerara on Saturday evening (April 2)  executed what could go down as the most brutal killing of a victim by persons closest to him.

It was also deemed as one of the most well planned murders, but a sloppy attempt at covering the tracks in recent history.

The daughters of the man, whose body was found on the Coldingen Railway Embankment, ECD, told police investigators that the plan to murder their father was hatched on Friday (April 1) and they attempted to execute the plan on the same night, but things did not work out, so they were forced to push the plan back to one day making it happen on Saturday.

When the News Room spoke with the 18 year old daughter of the dead man, she indicated that they suspect that the man’s 20 year old girlfriend was the suspect in the murder.

The police sources who spoke with News Room on the new twist in the matter indicated that the girls lured their father into the kitchen and then the  boyfriend of the 18 year old lashed him to the back of the head with an axe they had procured from a store room in the backyard.

It was the same store room that they also acquired the construction plastic, while severing the rope used for a clothes line to strap the body.

Investigators had concluded that Roger Manikam of Non Pariel, ECD was killed and his body dumped on the road shoulder.

The young ladies indicated to the investigators on Monday (April 4) after they were picked up, that after killing the man in his own kitchen with a single blow, the boyfriend of the 18 year old telephoned a friend from the West Coast of Demerara and told him that he needed a jump start for his father -in- law’s vehicle, as the battery was dead.

The friend travelled all the way from the West Coast of Demerara and when he arrived at the location, it was then that he was confronted with the body of the man and the young man then explained to him what really transpired. The friend, nevertheless agreed to transport the remains from the house and after it was dumped at the road shoulder they all returned to the man’s home, cleaned up and washed the murder weapon before placing it back into its storage place.

The police have since recovered the weapon and the Post Mortem results are consistent with the story that the two young ladies related to the police investigators.




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