Police stats show 14 % reduction in serious crimes


A comparative analysis of crime statistics for the period January 1 to March 31 2015 and the corresponding period in 2016 has shown a 14 percent reduction in serious crimes.

While the figures show a five percent reduction in murders, overall robbery has increased by 27 percent. However, robbery with firearms was reduced by 10 percent, robbery with the use of other instruments down by one percent, robbery with violence down by 22 percent and robbery with aggravation shows a reduction of 13 percent.

Larceny from the person shows a rapid reduction of 48 percent, rape down by 16 percent and burglary and break and enter down by 13 and 15 percent respectively.

The Guyana Police Force attributes this overall reduction to a number initiatives it has employed such as the Social Crime Prevention Programmes and the strong partnership forged with civil society.

Enhancement of accountability systems, deployment of mounted patrols in “F” Division and building of public trust were also mentioned as contributors to this recent success.

Additionally, there were no reports of piracy and kidnapping. As it relates to piracy the Force says the resuscitation of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Piracy, coupled with the Inter- Agency Maritime Surveillance Programme have led to a number of initiatives which have impacted positively in this fight.

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