Public Health Ministry & Canadian team hold Code White/Restraint Workshop

The Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with a five member Canadian Mental Health team is currently hosting Code White/Restraint workshops for Social Workers, Counselors, Police Officers, Nurses and Medical Doctors.
Two Sessions are being held today (April 5) and two other sessions on April 7, 2016. Some 15 persons will be participating in each session, the Ministry says.
The objective is to train persons on how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations in a non-violent manner.
Subject Minister, Dr. George Norton said advancing Mental Health care in Guyana is a process which cannot be undertaken solely by the Ministry.
“Public Health care system is a people-oriented one, and the Ministry of Public Health views with significant importance, the safety of patients and the medical personnel who attend to them.

A “Code White” response is intended for a situation in which a patient is behaving in a potentially dangerous manner towards himself or others,” the minister elaborated.

He also noted that addressing the behaviour of patients in a respectful, caring, safe manner is critical to  preventing situations which may prove dangerous to patients, health care workers or other members of the public and damage to property.

“I want to urge you to take full advantage of the training opportunities presented to you here today as well as to pass on any knowledge you have gained to your colleagues, ” Minister Norton implored the health workers.

The Canadian Mental Health team will also be donating De-Restraining Units, Text books and Endotracheal Tubes and Stylets to the Ministry.
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