Minister Bulkan responds to PPP’s accusations of illegal appointments- post LGE


Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan in response to accusations leveled by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that he illegally appointed Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons in the six tied Local Authority Areas (LAAs),says the constitution does not contemplate a direct election by the citizens for the top positions as touted by the Opposition.

However, it seems that the party and the minister have different interpretations of the constitution.

Minister Bulkan during a telephone interview with News Room today (April 6) clarified that persons for these positions are chosen from the duly elected Councillors.

He noted too that following inconclusive decisions at two meetings between the PPP and APNU/AFC councillors, the ministerial decision had to be taken to break the deadlock, so that the positions could be filled.

This, Minister Bulkan said was done after the PPP refused the offer to have the positions filled by the party with the most popular votes, which would have allowed both parties to have positions in three Local Authority Areas (LAAs) each.

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