No evidence of gang related wars in Charlestown/Albouystown- Clifton Hicken



By Leroy Smith


Divisional Commander of ‘A’ Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken has cleared the air about any possible gang related war taking place in the Charlestown/Albouystown area.

Hicken was at the time speaking specifically to the recent execution style shootings in the communities which have left three persons dead over the last three weeks.

Commander Hicken explained that while the force is cognisant of the ‘talk around the town’ of a possible gang war brewing, the police intelligence has not been able to arrive at this conclusion definitively.

While admitting that the police did not expect what is being considered as a retaliation style shooting on Friday following the gunning down of GDF rank Kevon Payne, they have worked overtime in getting to the bottom of both crimes.

He did explain also that the four persons, who are presently in custody for the murders are likely to appear in court by Thursday for the execution style killings.

Now, the police are looking to conduct random searches in an effort to rid the two communities of illegal weapons and other articles which may be directly or indirectly contributing to the violence there.




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