Former High Commissioner suing Government for $49.2 m in Breach of Contract suit


Guyana’s former High Commissioner to Canada, Harry Narine Nawbatt has told News Room he is suing the Government of Guyana for $49,295,104 for breaching his employment contract and related damages.


According to Mr Nawbatt he instructed his lawyer, Anil Nandlall to file suit as a last resort since Government has not honoured their contract with him and has to date not answered any of his repeated queries.


Mr Nawbatt this evening told News Room that he did not want to go this route but after writing to just about everyone for answers this was his recourse.


The former high commissioner says he last year received a letter date June 8, 2015 from the Acting Director General, thanking him for his services and informing him that his appointment as High Commissioner of Guyana to Canada would end on August 31, 2015.


According to Mr. Nawbatt’s court document his contract ran from February 10, 2015 to February 9, 2016.


The letter also informed him that all benefits he accrued would end in August and that he would be reposted to Guyana.


Mr. Nawbatt was just last month replaced by Attorney-at- Law and long-time Peoples National Congress Reform, Parliamentarian and Deputy Speaker, Clarissa Riehl

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