Information should be verified before allegations are made in the media- President


by Stacy Carmichael- James


President David Granger has called on Transparency International Guyana Inc. (TIGI) to verify information before making wild accusations in the media.


His comment is in response to TIGI’s recent claim that the Coalition Government is corrupt.


The Head of State was speaking on the latest airing of the televised programme “Public Interest.”


TIGI  raised concerns related to State Minister, Joseph Harmon’s hiring of businessman Brian Tiwarie as a ministerial adviser and his alleged involvement in the investigations into the operation of Chinese Company, Baishanlin.


In this regard, President Granger advised that the organization consults with Minister Harmon to garner responses before making these claims. “As a responsible non-governmental organization I would ask Transparency International to have a meeting with Mr. Harmon and ask those questions before going to the press… it’s very difficult for government as a whole or any individual minister to conduct that type of debate shouting at each other in press, if they need information let them approach Mr. Harmon,” the President contended.


“When they make statements that the government is corrupt, what does that mean? Does it mean I am corrupt? Does it mean the public relations is corrupt? Does it mean the Prime Minister is corrupt? So it’s an outrageous statement, ” the Head of State reasoned.


President Granger said he cannot accept a blanket statement about the entire Administration being corrupt based on one statement.


He noted that occasionally errors of judgement will be made, assuring that when complaints are made, they are investigated. While pointing out that an explanation was given regarding Minister Harmon’s recent trip to China, the President expressed dissatisfaction that an apology or clarification was not issued, this he noted is a problem that should be addressed by these organizations.


President Granger implied that the matter regarding Tiwarie’s issue was rectified since he rescinded his appointment on the grounds that the Business Minister was capable enough to advise him.


With regards to Baishanlin, he said the Finance Minister will be dealing exclusively with the matter.


The Head State when asked about the release of the names of donors pre and post elections and the amount of money contributed to the Coalition, declined to release the information, noting that ” there is no law that prevents us from receiving money…the donors asked that their identities not be disclosed, it’s not dirty money but I know very well that people can be very vindictive once they know contributions are made to political parties.”

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