Nandlall raises concerns about NDC officials violating Court Order


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament, Anil Nandlall, in a press statement today (April 9) noted that his attention was drawn to notices sent by the overseers of three of the Neighbourhood  Democratic Councils that are the subject of recently filed court proceedings.



These Notices, he said purport to invite Councillors to attend meetings of the Malgre Tout / Meer zorgen, Industry / Plaisance, and Gibraltar / Fyrish NDCs.

He reminded that an Order has been issued quashing the decision of the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan  to select Chair Persons and Vice Chair Persons of these NDCS, therefore restraining these persons from acting as or performing the functions of Chair Persons or Deputy Chair Persons in respect of the said NDCS.


This also puts on hold, the selection of these officials.
“If these officers attempt to function as office holders they would be violating the letter and spirit of the Orders of Court. I hope they are receiving legal advice on these issues,” Nandlall posited.

Nandlall has also described the interpretation of the relevant sections of the Municipal and District Council Act Chapter 28:01  by the Attorney General and Minister of Communities as “simply absurd.”


He pointed out that Section 13 (6) of the Act is expressed in clear language which is incapable of an “ambiguous or equivocal interpretation.”

” If there is no election on account of an equality of votes the Town Clerk shall appoint a date not later than the 28th December in the same year for the election of Mayor from among such candidates by the voters whose name appear on the Register of Voters for the time being in force for the city, “Nandlall quoted.

The PPP member believes the Attorney General and the Minister of Communities are both interpreting the election referred to in 13 (6) as an election done among the elected Councillors, “when the clear language of the section says it is an election by the voters whose names appear on the Register of Voters for the time being in force for the city.”


Such an interpretation, Nandlall said,  is “manifestly and patently incomprehensible.”


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