President Granger puts critics on blast over ‘Three Bs’ Initiative; it’s fulfilling a public need



By Stacy Carmichael- James


President David Granger has rejected criticisms about the Buses, Boats and Bicycles (Three Bs) Initiative, noting that it was brought on stream to fulfill a public need and is not a party tactic.


The Head of State, who was speaking on the television programme “Public Interest” said “it’s not self promotion, it’s not promotion of one party, it is fulfilling a need.”



He urged the critics to do some ground work and find out from the recipients how the programme has benefited them, “speak to the children, find out if they are fulfilling some political ambition, because the amount of money they save…that their family will save would run into millions by the end of 2016.”



The Guyanese leader expressed disappointment at the criticisms, alluding to the fact that people criticize when nothing is being done to assist the vulnerable, yet when projects such as these are brought on stream, they are labeled as serving a political interest.



He assured that his administration will continue to “increase the amount of transport… the state is not involved, it is not going into the state coffers…as far as the maintenance it is also being conducted by the region.” The President noted that the programme is not just one to be implemented at the Central Government level, but he would like to have the municipalities playing an active part.



He reminded of his charge to the new mayors to “get the children in school,” deeming this as a priority of his administration.



President Granger, taking a swipe at the critics, pointed out that the People’s National Congress is over 50 years old, hence there isn’t a need to resort to giving out bicycles to gain support or popularity. He said the ‘Three Bs’ is no longer a “pet project” but a national one geared at improving school attendance.



A few months ago, the President also pledged to add two more Bs to the programme; books and breakfast. He was speaking in Linden, Region 10 at the commissioning ceremony of the ‘David G II’ boat, donated by CGX Energy Inc. to assist with transportation for children who reside in the Demerara River area.

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