Book Exhibition launched as part of Occupational Health & Safety Month activities


Social Protection Minister, Volda Lawrence has reiterated that all workers perform and execute their tasks in a safe and healthy environment, hence the relevance of the theme for Occupational Health and Safety Month’s celebration Workplace Stress: A collective Challenge.



Speaking at the launching of a Book Exhibition yesterday (April 11) the Minister said “inherent in this theme is the call for all stakeholders- management as well as workers to embrace this issue collaboratively in an effort to minimize the stress that is evident in the working environment.”



She highlighted the importance of each worker, irrespective of the level at which he operates, has rights which must be honored and physical and emotional needs which must be adequately met, noting that “each employee must be valued, respected and satisfied if we want him to work effectively and make his contribution to the company or institution in which he is an integral part.”



Focusing on the event, Minister Lawrence noted that with the wide array of books on display, ” We therefore have no excuse for not apprising ourselves of this very crucial issue.”



The Ministry of Labor, in recognition of the importance and the need for sensitizing workers in all the Administrative regions, has dedicated the entire month of April to a series of events and activities in the hope of educating and heightening awareness of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.


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