Ashmin’s driver and a Pastor robbed after leaving 2 city banks


Richard Mohamed, a driver who is attached to the Ashmin’s Store on High Street was this afternoon robbed of a small amount of cash after he left the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry.



According to police information this publication received, the man who was driving PMM 6258 went to the bank to change a quantity of five thousand dollar notes into one hundred dollar notes and a quantity of thousand dollar notes into twenty dollar notes.



The man was reportedly trailed from the bank and as he entered the parking lot at Ashmin’s Headquarters, the pillion rider on a CG motorcycle approached him and demanded the bag with the cash.



During a visit to the location this afternoon it was observed that the window on the driver’s side was shattered. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.



Meanwhile, earlier this afternoon Clinton Craig, a pastor, was robbed of 2.4 million dollars after he left a city bank and was heading to his home somewhere along the Soesdyke, Linden highway.




Sources said the money was a donation to the church building fund. That matter is also under investigation.

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