Chinese National robbed on Church Street



By Leroy Smith



A Chinese National attached to China Harbour, the company  presently constructing the Movie Town on the East Coast of Demerara was today robbed of a large amount of cash.



According to information received, the man was in the vicinity of the Real Value supermarket when a White Premio Motor car pulled up along side him and a gunman exited and relieved him of a haversack.



The News Room was informed that the bag contained a large amount of cash.



The Real Value Supermarket  is one of the businesses the police visited yesterday to secure CCTV footage of the gunmen, who killed the Wakenaam Businessman yesterday during a failed robbery.



Recently there have been several robberies directed towards the Movie Town operations either directly or indirectly.



Police are trying to ascertain if there may be a mole (someone sharing information) within the company.

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