Breaking News: Suspect disarms & shoots at constable before fleeing scene



By Leroy Smith



The police in Berbice are combing the back lands and other areas at Rosehall for a suspect who today disarmed a police constable and fired shots at him.


More than one round struck the police constable, luckily, he was wearing a bullet proof vest.


News Room was reliably informed that the police constable who was relieved on his police force issued point 38 revolver and another rank attached to the anti -crime patrol in the area were at the time attempting to conduct a search at a house, where several known characters were said to be hiding out.



It was then that the police and the suspect got into a scuffle and the suspect struck the police to the head with a beer bottle before disarming him.



Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Amsterdam confirmed the incident and said they are presently working overtime to apprehend the suspect.



Amsterdam said the police rank is out of danger and based on information he received, the suspect may have been injured, since another rank opened fire on him.




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