Dennis Street, Sophia to undergo further works


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is informing that further works are slated for Dennis Street, Sophia, between ‘A’ Field and Eastern Highway.



This stretch of road recently underwent rehabilitation works that saw the completion of approximately 300 metres of timber revetment along Dennis Street, Sophia. This construction included the installation of steel tie-rods and “dead man” structures and works were completed on April 14.




According to the Ministry, a second phase of works involving the application of prime coat was scheduled to begin approximately a week after the rehabilitation works were completed. This coating would effectively seal the existing stretch of road, thus preventing water penetration.




However, due to inclement weather shortly after the works were completed, contractors have been unable to apply this coat, thus leading to water lodging on the road.





Therefore, remedial works are currently being undertaken to remedy the situation. These remedial works include the grading of the stretch of road to allow for the unhindered passage of traffic. Deep patching and scarifying of the stretch of road from ‘A’ Field to the area known as ‘Red Shop’ is also being undertaken in the meantime.




The other phases of this project will include the filling of depressions; shaping of the parapets; scarifying; and resurfacing of the entire Dennis Street.






The Ministry therefore requests the general public’s patience and cooperation during this time and would like to assure that the situation is one of priority.

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