Government has not neglected small communities- Granger


Claims that smaller communities are being neglected by the APNU+AFC Coalition government have been dispelled by Head of State David Granger, who believes that the level of engagement has remained high between Ministers of Government and communities.


During yesterday’s (May 6) airing of “The Public Interest” the President said “it is not fair to say that because I know that ministers and political leaders have been going out…so there has been a high level engagement, I know other issues have arisen and one of my constant reminders to my colleagues is we must learn the lessons from the people themselves by engaging with them.”


He however admitted that more could be done, but maintains that his government has not neglected the outlying areas, since he believes the business of the government cannot be operationalized without proper engagement at the community level.


Granger also pointed to the fact that several outreaches have been held this year and that there’s the ongoing ” Meet the public” initiative.



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