PPP MPs will participate in Jubilee activities on an optional basis- Rohee





The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Members of Parliament have received personal invitations to participate in several State functions to celebrate 50 years of Guyana’s independence.




The Party has taken the decision that the PPP/C Members of Parliament will participate in these activities on an optional basis. PPP Members of Parliament have been so advised.





The Party is mindful of the dire socio-economic circumstances obtaining in the country at this time as the Nation prepares to celebrate this historic event and to welcome Guyanese who will be returning home for the event.




The Party recalls the severe criticisms leveled against the Granger administration at the recent May Day Rally by Trade Unionists in respect to unfulfilled electoral promises and in defense of the Guyanese working people.





The resolution adopted at the Rally is supported by the PPP.





The Party will be following with keen interest organized labours’ pursuit of the “be it resolved” clauses of the resolution, it looks forward to the deliberate, aggressive and expeditious treatment of the resolution for the benefit of the Guyanese working people.





Further, the PPP will be keeping a close watch on the performance of the tail end of the faltering “Operation Dragnet” during the Independence celebrations. The Party calls on citizens to be vigilant on all fronts and to lend as much support as possible to law enforcement as well as the Community Policing Groups and Neighbourhood Police.





May 9, 2016

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