Granger satisfied with his government’s one-year performance


It is now one year since the APNU+AFC Coalition Government has been in office and President David Granger has expressed satisfaction with his administration’s performance thus far.


Speaking during an interview today, the Head of State said while a good job was done within the twelve months, more could have been achieved in the education sector and in the area of employment creation for youths.


Mr. Granger is optimistic that over the next four years more students would be in school with as much support from the government to those who are encountering difficulties. He said youths can look forward to more jobs.


He believes micro-enterprise can be the gateway to job creation. Notably, the President highlighted that the economy did not perform so well during the year, but with greater investments things will improve.


The Guyanese Leader said he now has a “muscular cabinet” with 15 ministries functioning to full capacity, citing the creation of the Ministry of Public Telecommunication as a plus.


He said too that there has been reduction in crime, although there remains high incidents of inter-personal violence and suicide, a trend which continues to worry the Head of State. Moving forward, Granger said his administration will do all in its power to address the scourge.


Overall, President Granger believes the mood of the country is good and that citizens are happy with the changes taking place, pointing to the holding of Local Government Elections as one of the hallmark achievements.

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