BREAKING NEWS: SIX teenagers in custody for professor’s murder; items recovered


By Leroy Smith


Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum this morning confirmed that six teenagers, two of them girls are now in custody for the murder of retired US University Professor, Ray Mars.


The News Room was informed that one of the females, who usually sleeps at the house invited her boyfriend, who then invited some male friends and together they beat the man to death and stole several items from his home.



The teenagers stole laptops, X-Boxes, mobile phones, clothing, music sets and other items which they packed into suitcases and then left the house.


The youngsters were picked up in the Sophia and Campbellville areas.



It was the News Room, which first broke the story and also reported that one of the females who was part of the plot, according to neighbours, was someone who normally visits the home of the professor and his wife.



The man was found dead by his wife, tied to a chair in the house and bleeding from wounds to his face and head.



When the News Room visited the man’s home last night, several persons showed up to offer condolences to his wife who was very shaken up over the entire incident.

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